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Portrait de Igloo records
Creativespot: Lavallee

In 1978, jazz aficionados in Brussels decided to pool their resources to record some of the new music that was being produced.

With no possibility of major releases, they set up their own label with a grant and organised distribution.

The goal was not to recreate a giant corporation but to refl ect the music of its time.

For nearly 40 years, IGLOO Records is continuing to focus on new talent, despite a diffi cult environment for the music industry.

«This is the primary role of Igloo, providing a platform for future talent is what we do.»

Well-known for his Jazz productions, IGLOO Records has preserved all over the decades his open-minded, by running a

number of separate imprints:  IGLOOMONDO supports multi-cultural encounters / IGLOO+ releases left-field materia / Factice. & Franc’Amour showcases Belgian French-speaking artists.


Some Artist on our catalogue:

Philip Catherine, Eric Legnini, Mélanie de Biasio, Igor Gehenot, Mochelan Zoku, Toine Thys Trio, Eve Beuvens Heptatomic, Récital Boxon, Majid Bekkas, Mokoomba, Kel

Assouf, Wendo Kolosoy, Flat earth society, Music 4 a while and many more…